Recreational Resort Cottages - Athens
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1201 Highway 175 West, Athens, Texas 75751
Honeysuckle P-504FP
More pictures of the Honeysuckle P-504FP 
Previous display model
Please note: All pictures displayed may include added options. From time to time, available options and styles change. Some features shown in the pictures may no longer be available. Call 903-292-5172 to discuss in detail or email us at 
Pictures of the Honeysuckle P-504FP 
Current Display model @ RRC Athens

Platinum - "The Honeysuckle"
Our wheelchair friendly model is a perfect cottage if you need one more accessible then our traditional models allow. Our display model has a roll-in 60" shower with 2 grab bars, and a fold down teak seat built in! And with wider doorways throughout this model is easy to maneuver around in. We added a large 8' front porch for added comfort and a raised clerestory in the living and kitchen to make the home more inviting. Come see the Honeysuckle today and let us show you how we can customize this model even further to fit your individual needs!