1201 US Hwy 175 W, Athens, Texas
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Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins
Athens, Texas
Please note: All pictures displayed may include added options. From time to time, available options and styles change. Some features shown in the pictures may no longer be available. Call 903-292-5172 to discuss in detail or email us at adam@rrcathens.com 
Trinca Floorplan P-539SL
Pictures of the Trinca P-539SL
previously on display in Athens TX

Platinum - "The Trinca"
This plan has a large bar that greets you at the door, with a wrap around kitchen built with the angles of the hidden staircase up to the 11x15 upstairs loft area. The bathroom is nestled in the same angles of the staircase to provide ample space. Lots of extra storage in the pantry next to the refrigerator and also built in across from the W/D space. The Living room is expansive especially with the 4' window round front bay. 

Pictures of a Trinca P-539SL 
that a RRC Athens recent customer ordered
Pictures of the Trinca with Porch P-539SLFP 
 previously on display in Athens TX
Pictures of a previous Trinca P-539SL
display model

Pictures of theTrinca P-539SLFP